Coreopsis – Lance Leaved


The Lance Leaved Coreopsis is a hardy, drought tolerant perennial.  In its first year of growth this plant will develop significantly and may produce a few blooms.  By its second year the Lance Leaved Coreopsis will come into a full bloom.  Often called Tickseed, the seeds produced by this flower resemble certain insects.  A broad range of soil compositions can support growth and it is native to many states found throughout the country, as well as some places in both Mexico and Canada.  Planting should be done in full sun or partial shade. Lance Leaved Coreopsis can withstand transplanting and may be started either indoors or outdoors.  It may need to be staked up once it is full grown.  Deadheading flowers throughout their bloom season will provide prolonged and continuous blooms.  The vibrant color of this flower looks brilliant beside Larkspur and Daisies.  If the seeds have the opportunity to make direct contact with soil the Lance Leaved Coreopsis may reseed itself.  The seeds should be planted in the spring, although in most U.S. states seeds planted during the fall planting season will likely subsist.

The broadcast rate for seeding is 20-25 lbs per acre.

The seed drill rate for seeding in rows is 10 lbs per acre.


Purchasing Options PriceQuantity
Small Packet $2.50

Covers approximately 20 square feet.

10 Gram $3.00

Covers approximately 95 square feet.

1/4 Pound $12.00

Covers approximately 1,090 square feet.

Scientific Name

Coreopsis lanceolata

Product Type

Native Flower






NW Native species, North American Native species



Germination Time

14-30 days

Planting Season

Spring, Fall

Bloom Season

Spring, Summer

Weeks to Bloom

4 to 6 weeks


2 to 11

Seeds Per Pound


Seeding Rate (lb./acre)



Nectar, Pollen


Bumble Bees, Butterflies, Honey Bees, Native Bees


The Lance Leaved Coreopsis is a hardy, drought tolerant perennial

Light Requirement

Full Sun, Part Sun/Shade

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