We will be CLOSED July 4th through the 10th. Any orders and messages received during that time will be returned when we are back on the 11th.

General FAQs

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you don’t find answers to your questions here in the FAQs, please contact us directly via the Contact Form at the bottom of the page. We love hearing from our customers!

During the summer months when flower fields are blooming all our available staff are busy with harvest. When flowers are in bloom we are normally busy with harvesting other types of crops. We don’t encourage visiting our farm location in the summer months due to the large farm machinery and equipment we need to drive on the roads surrounding the central hub of the farm. We need to access our fields and extra traffic on the already narrow roads make it very difficult for us.

During the winter months, when our operation is slower, we may be able to host a tour of our seed processing facility upon request.

Any and all ‘tours’ are by appointment only. Triangle Farms & Silver Falls Seed Company.

You are welcome to drive by our fields on your own, but please do not enter into the fields at any time. Most of our fields are located within a 20 mile radius of our farm office. We practice crop rotation, often changing locations that we plant crops every year on annual crops and every couple years on perennial crops. A flower field that is in a location one year does not mean it will be in flowers the following year. Lots of fields are in harder to reach places behind locked gates not viewable from a public road. We are raising these fields for seed production purposes and if the flowers are picked or trampled, we will not have seed to harvest. As long as you stay safely on the roadside, we do not mind if you stop to take a look or take photos of the fields. Please do not block any driveways or roads near fields that keep us from doing business. Also note that many local roads have little to no shoulder on them to stop and get out to look at fields. This can make for a dangerous situation with other passing vehicles on busier roads, so we don’t encourage it. Lastly, please be mindful and respectful of our neighbors nearby any flower fields and try not to turn around or park in their driveways unless you have asked permission.

We are hoping some day in the future to offer an open house during the summer of our flower fields, but we are not currently setup for that. We currently try and post field pictures each summer on our Facebook page of blooming fields.

We are not allowing photographers into our fields at this time.

At the present time, we only have a limited selection of our flower seeds at a few stores in the Silverton area. Click Here to see a current listing of retail locations that carry small packets and containers of our flower seeds for sale.

No. Silver Falls Seed Company is located within the Triangle Farms office and we are only setup for mail order sales and processing. Our office location is used for our online store and phone order fulfillment only. None of our seeds are displayed or stocked at our location.

In general, we only have some of our smaller packets and containers made-up in batches for more rapid shipment. All other products and mixes are made-to-order and packaged, as we have a multitude of combinations.

If you are or will be in the area you are welcome to place an order on our website and choose ‘pickup’ as your shipping option. We will notify you once your order is ready for pickup and you can come by to pick it up.

When you place your order it will provide you a message that your order is on ‘Hold’ by default until we have your seed ready and complete the payment process and printing the paperwork. The simple answer is that it typically takes 3-7 business days for a complete transaction, until the order is received at your doorstep or mailbox. However, there are a number of variables that determine when your order will arrive, but it primarily depends on the current volume of orders and your geographical distance from our facility.

The number of orders peaks in both the early spring and early fall, so during these periods expect a slightly longer-than-average delay. Keep in-mind that it takes 1-2 business days to ship to the immediate surrounding area, here in the Pacific Northwest, and can often take 5 business days to ship to the Atlantic Coastal states. While we do offer expedited UPS shipping options, it only pertains to the time period from when the driver picks-up the package to delivery (it does not expedite the order fulfillment in our facility).

Generally our online store and phone order fulfillment is done in the order that we receive them in. Our small packets and containers are usually made-up in large batches and are therefore much quicker to ready for shipment. Larger quantities, and especially mixes, take longer and are made-to-order and then packaged.

**Note: When you place your order it will provide you a message that your order is on ‘Hold’ by default until we have your seed ready and complete the payment process. At that time the status will change to ‘Complete’.  The ‘Hold’ message does not mean that we are holding your order and waiting on you. 

Yes. The ‘Will Call / Local Pickup’ selection can be made within our website’s online cart, upon checkout. We offer this convenient option for only those customers who: either live locally or for those who intend to drive to the Silverton area, within a few days, following the placement of their online order. This alternative to shipping is free.

***Note: A minimum of 2-3 business days are required to fulfill most orders at our facility, but more time may be necessary to complete orders during peak planting seasons (spring & fall), as well as for most of our mixes which are often done on a per-order basis. We request that you wait to receive confirmation first, from Silver Falls Seed Company, that your order has been completely fulfilled before your arrival at our office. Our regular hours of operation are currently Mon-Fri from 8am to Noon.  Will Call/ Pickups can be made 8am to 4:30pm. We share our office with our farm staff which are on site until 4:30 to assist if needed. If you need to call for help with directions or finding your order after our business hours between 12pm and 4:30pm the phone number to call our Triangle Farms office is (five 0 three) 873-fifty-one 90.   You can also contact us with your intended arrival time and date  and we will do our very best at accommodating your request.

Our regular hours of operation are currently  8am to Noon, Monday through Friday. Someone is normally in the farm office until around 4:30 PM to assist with order pickups only. Please ensure that your order is ready prior to your arrival.

***NOTE: Our facilities are closed every weekend and also for all major holidays. In addition, our we are closed for approximately 2 weeks, starting just before Christmas, until just after New Year’s Day. We are also closed for a few extra days around 4th of July to give our crew a break before harvest begins.

We do not carry vegetable seeds at this time.

No. We only sell small packets and containers of individual flower species and some of our flower seed mixes to other retailers. All other products that we carry, including individual grass species and grass mixes, as well as a wide range of natives and cereal grains can only be purchased directly from us.

Please utilize our online store, found on this website, or call to place an order of any of the items that we carry.

Yes. We can make a custom seed mix for you, but please look at our selection of existing mixes to make sure that there isn’t one that works for you first. You may also just look into the option of buying the separate components of the mix and then mixing them yourself. Please contact us for more information on custom mixing, if you are interested, via the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.

***Note: A custom mix is required to be 5 lb. or greater for all flower seed or native seed mixes and 250 lb. or greater for all grass seed or cereal grain mixes.

Please visit our Retailer Information page for more information on our retailer display options.

None. We are currently not attending any trade shows.

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