Fescue – Tall (Forage-Type)


This Tall Fescue is used as a forage grass because it is endophyte free. This grass is somewhat drought resistant and is somewhat shade tolerant. Tall fescue produces a deeper tap root than most other grasses which helps it with the durability and drought resistance. Tall Fescue will grow most in the spring and fall slowing down during the summer and winter months.  This fescue can be used for grazing or hay use and is a good grass to have in your pasture if you plan to keep it in for long term grazing. This is best seeded in the spring or late summer into early fall here in the Northwest.  It does best for forage or hay use if complimented with other species. If interested; check out our Hay and Forage Mixes we have already formulated available for sale on this website.

*Note: We also carry turf- type tall fescue seeds for lawn use as well on this website.  Turf type Tall Fescue used for lawns contains endophytes which can be harmful to livestock.  This specific item for purchase is for livestock grazing or hay use.

Seeding Rate with a seed drill is 20-25 lbs per acre. If broadcasting by hand or with a broadcast spreader you will need 40 to 62.5 lbs per acre. (For reference there is 43,560 sq. ft in an acre)

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Scientific Name

Festuca arundinacea

Product Type

Forage/Pasture Grass



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Introduced species

Light Requirement

Full Sun, Part Sun/Shade

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