Fescue – Native Red


Native Red Fescue is considered by many to be native to the northern coastal regions of the United States, but it has been introduced throughout much of the rest of the world. It grows in dry or wet habitats at elevations ranging from sea level to alpine. Native Red Fescue can be planted in many different soil compositions and has moderate forbearance of ground with low fertility. This fescue is rated good as forage for cattle and horses. It is an optimum pasture feed crop on alpine ranges because even through frost its foliage retains all of its nutritional value and does not die off, offering livestock sustenance until the snowpack is too deep to allow for its consumption. If overgrazed, Native Red Fescue will decrease in density. It is not adaptable to areas that experience high levels of sulfuric pollution or fumigation. Tolerant of shade and drought, this fescue will mature around 2 feet tall.

Link to USDA Native Plant Database on this item (using the link you can see which states this grass is native to in the US): USDA Plants Database

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Purchasing Options PriceQuantity
Small Packet $2.50

Covers approximately 5 square feet.

10 Gram $3.00

Covers approximately 95 square feet.

1/2 Pound $12.00

Covers approximately 2,200 square feet.

1 Pound $14.00

Covers approximately 4,350 square feet.

Scientific Name

Festuca rubra ssp. rubra

Product Type

Forage/Pasture Grass, Native Grass






NW Native species



Planting Season

Spring, Fall

Seeds Per Pound


Seeding Rate (lb./acre)


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