Buckwheat is a species of cereal grain that is often utilized as a ground cover and erosion control crop.  It has natural rapid growth that will usually peak around 2 feet tall, and it has very lenient nutrient requirements.  Around 5 or 6 weeks after germination, blooms can be found on Buckwheat.  It works excellently when it is used to out-compete unwanted weeds and draw in symbiotic insects.  Where it is planted it will convert otherwise inaccessible nutrients into useable forms for other plants.  As a cover crop, Buckwheat is used because it is easier to till back into the soil.  As with other cover crops it should be mowed-back before it sets seeds to avoid any unwanted, volunteer seedlings from showing up in the following crop.  It will attract deer and wildlife, but it will die-out during the first heavy frost.  Buckwheat should be planted at a maximum soil depth of 1 inch.

*Note: Seed at approximately 2-3 pounds per 1,000 square feet. Or 60-80 pounds per acre.

Purchasing Options PriceQuantity
Small Packet $2.50

Covers approximately 5 square feet.

10 Gram $3.00

Covers approximately 75 square feet.

1/4 Pound $8.00

Covers approximately 140 square feet.

1 Pound $10.50

Covers approximately 540 square feet.

5 Pound Bag $37.50

Covers approximately 2,720 square feet.

10 Pound Bag $60.00

Covers approximately 5,000 square feet.

25 Pound Bag $112.50

Covers approximately 13,610 square feet.

50 Pound Bag $150.00

Covers approximately 27,230 square feet.

Scientific Name

Fagopyrum esculentum

Product Type








Germination Time

3 days, 4 days

Maximum Germination Time

3 Days Maximum, 4 Days Maximum

Weeks to Bloom

5 to 6 weeks


Introduced species

Seeding Rate (lb./acre)


Seeds Per Pound


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