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Clover – Red


Red Clover is used as a rotation in hay fields as a legume, for hay, or for soil improvement.  It is easy to establish in grass sods because it is more shade tolerant than other legumes.  Red Clover is a double-cut legume and flowers earlier but is less winter hardy than single-cut Red Clover.

*Most perennials will not bloom the first year they are planted.  They establish a plant the first year and then bloom the second and every year after that.  Annuals will give you color the first year you plant them and then can reseed themselves if they like where they are growing.   This is why perennials tend to be more expensive.  It takes twice as long to get seed off of the plant than an annual when initially planting.

**For larger quantities than listed for sale please contact us for availability and pricing.

The broadcast rate for seeding is 20 – 25 pounds per acre.

The seed drill rate for seeding in rows is 10 pounds per acre.

Purchasing Options PriceQuantity
1 Pound $13.00

Covers approximately 4,355 square feet.

5 Pound Bag $26.00

Covers approximately 21,780 square feet.

10 Pound Bag $45.50

Covers approximately 43,560 square feet.

25 Pound Bag $97.50

Covers approximately 108,900 square feet.

50 Pound Bag $162.50

Covers approximately 217,800 square feet.

Scientific Name

Trifolium pratense

Product Type

Forage Legume



Seeding Rate (lb./acre)


Light Requirement

Full Sun, Part Sun/Shade




Introduced species

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