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Lupine – Perennial Blue


Although this flower is not native to the Northwest, the Perennial Lupine is native to much of eastern North America and can be found between Canada and Florida.  It requires full sun, up to only partial shade, and well-drained soil.  Lupine needs neutral soil with pH levels that are just above average.  Because this lupine is a perennial, it may take a little bit more time to establish itself.  Perennial Lupine has been found on the sand dunes, along the coasts of the Arctic Ocean, so planting it in sandy soil may help hasten its growth.  It is also often found in wild Oak Savannas.  Its seeds are known to be poisonous when ingested by humans, sheep and cattle.  Slugs are its primary predator and can pose a serious threat to this flower.  Perennial Lupine can be started indoors in a sand and peat moss mixture.  Although not necessary, soaking seeds in warm water for 12-24 hours prior to planting will help soften the outer seed shell and aid in germination.  The Russell Lupine Mix uses this plant as one of the main constituents in creating its electrifying combination of powerfully colorful flowers.

The broadcast rate for seeding is 70 – 87.5 pounds per acre.

The seed drill rate for seeding in rows is 35 pounds per acre.

Purchasing Options PriceQuantity
Small Packet $2.50

Covers approximately 10 square feet.

10 Gram $3.00

Covers approximately 25 square feet.

1/4 Pound $12.00

Covers approximately 310 square feet.

1 Pound $52.50

Covers approximately 1,240 square feet.

SKU SF0104 Category
Scientific Name

Lupinus perennis

Product Type

Native Flower


Blue, Purple




North American Native species



Germination Time

15-70 days

Planting Season


Bloom Season

Spring, Summer

Seeds Per Pound


Seeding Rate (lb./acre)


Light Requirement

Full Sun, Part Sun/Shade

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