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Vetch – Hairy


Hairy Vetch is primarily used as an erosion control aid. Planting it along embankments will improve stabilization and soil quality. When this vetch is grown as a green manure cover crop it will, through nitrogen fixation, add nitrogen to the soil. Hairy Vetch is also commonly grown as a forage legume in pastures; it has a high tread durability and provides 40 to 50 inches of grazing material late in the spring season. It can be planted in soils that are acidic, but it grows slowly so it will not provide a large amount of ground cover in the months after it is planted. Hairy Vetch is more tolerant of shade than many of the other vetches. It should be planted at a maximum soil depth of 3/4″.

*Note: Hairy Vetch should be seeded at a rate of 1-3 pounds per 1,000 square feet. Or 40 to 60 pounds per acre if seeding with a seed drill in rows. If broadcasting by hand or with a broadcast spreader you will need 2 to 2.5 times more seed 80 to  150 lbs for the best effect. (For reference there is 43,560 sq. ft. per acre)

Purchasing Options PriceQuantity
1 Pound $10.80

Covers approximately 730 square feet.

5 Pound Bag $19.25

Covers approximately 3,630 square feet.

10 Pound Bag $34.65

Covers approximately 7,260 square feet.

25 Pound Bag $77.00

Covers approximately 18,150 square feet.

50 Pound Bag $134.75

Covers approximately 36,300 square feet.

SKU SF0023 Category
Scientific Name

Vicia villosa

Product Type

Forage Legume


Pink, Purple, White




Introduced species



Bloom Season


Weeks to Bloom

7 to 8 weeks


4 to 9

Seeds Per Pound


Seeding Rate (lb./acre)



Nectar, Pollen


Hairy Vetch is primarily used as an erosion control aid

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