Northwest Wild Wetland Economy Mix


The Northwest Wild Wetland Economy Mix is designed with a variety of forbs and grasses that are commonly found in shallow, standing water throughout lowlands, wetlands and springs. The benefit to this seed mix is that it uses wetland plants that are adapted and able to withstand seasonal summer conditions, which may dry-out the shallow water surrounding them. This adaptation results in a versatile native wetland mix that will provide excellent and aesthetic ground cover for most everglade areas.

On a site of bare and loose soil, that will provide optimal seed-to-soil contact, a broadcast seeding rate of 10 lb./acre may be used.  If very little site preparation has been done (i.e. only scratching the surface of the soil and existing vegetation is present), then use the doubled rate of 20 lb./acre.

Ingredients: Hairgrass – Tufted, Oregon Sunshine, Sloughgrass – American, Foxtail – Water, Barley – Meadow, Buttercup – Western, Heal-All, Bentgrass – Spike, Hairgrass – Slender, Yarrow – Western, Clover – Spanish, Sea Blush, Camas – Common, Buttercup – Straitbeak, Primrose – Dense Spike, Burnet – Western

*Note: Ingredients may vary depending on seed availability. (Contains Water Foxtail which is a debated, possible non -native species)

**For larger quantities than listed for sale please contact us for availability and pricing

The seeding rate for using a seed drill to plant in rows is                     10 lbs per acre.

The seeding rate for broadcasting is 20-25 lbs per acre.


Purchasing Options PriceQuantity
Small Packet $2.50

Covers approximately 5 square feet.

1/8 Pound $12.00

Covers approximately 540 square feet.

1/8 Pound Shaker $14.00

Covers Approximately 540 Square Feet.

1 Pound $60.00

Covers approximately 4,360 square feet.

3 Pound $105.00

Covers approximately 13,080 square feet.

5 Pound $175.00

Covers approximately 21,800 square feet.

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Flower Mix, Native Flower, Native Grass, Native Grass Mix, Wetland Plant




Green, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow




NW Native species

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